Speaker Date Topic
District Gov. Michael Muldowney Sep 18, 2019
Rotary Connects the World: What's New in Our District and Beyond
Ambassador Kate Cavanan Sep 25, 2019
Women in the Foreign Service: Ambassadorial experiences in Africa, NATO yrs. in Belgium
Club Assembly Second Quarter Oct 02, 2019
Contact President for your committee reports, submit discussion topics, updates, thanks.
Dare Dukes Oct 09, 2019
Savannah's own prize winning writing art culture fuels creative youth leaders
Rotary Alum Dave Sweeterman Oct 16, 2019
Dave reports on the Ga.Optical Mission to four clinic locations in the Dominican Republic
Dr. Richard Roth, Infectious Disease Consultant Oct 23, 2019
The Awsome Power of Innoculation in Medicine and in the Polio Story
Halloween Party is planned this week, 31st Oct 31, 2019
No Wed. morning meeting. Evening time and place to be announced. Costumes planned.
Ferst Readers Nov 06, 2019
The Story of Ferst Readers and how it is impacting whole Cities in Georgia
No morning meeting. Our first ROTARY COMIC REVUE!! Nov 13, 2019
Halarious!! Professional, Buy Tickets, Sell tickets! Support the Kids who need you!! 6pm Plantation.
Youth Leadership Focus: RYLA, GRSP Nov 20, 2019
Toni Marwitz on Rotaract, Interact. 3 GRSP Student Panel. Andy M. on RYLA
Day before Thanksgiving Nov 27, 2019
Committee favored no meeting, but could be changed if strong demand.
Parent University/ Early Learning College Dec 04, 2019
Michael O'Neal: Rising Collaboration in City with School System, Rotary Clubs, Grant
No morning meeting 11th. Party planned Tue.10th. Dec 10, 2019
Plantation 6pm, Tue 10 th Dec. Attendance counts.
Miriam Rittmeyer Dec 18, 2019
RCSI One Year in Central America: Report on Maternal Child Health in in Guatemala
Christmas Holiday Dec 25, 2019