We welcomed Ms. Mobley at breakfast last Wednesday. She is the principal of DeRenne Middle School, with which the Skidaway Island Rotary Club has been associated for more than ten years. She was appointed as the principal of this school in September 2012 after a distinguished career in various schools in Florida. She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Education from Florida State University and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She is very proud of the students of DeRenne Middle School and told us about their activities in some detail.
Under her leadership the school has increased its academic assessment scores each year and received recognition for various programs, some of which are detailed below. She has high expectations of her students which are evident in the many achievements she recounted to us.

The mission of DeRenne Middle School (the Home of the Dolphins) is stated to be: “Academic excellence in an academically challenging and positive learning environment.” The advanced learning curriculum at the school offers acceleration courses in languages, stem science including technology and computer science, math, and social studies. Students can obtain high school credit classes in algebra, literature, world history and Latin; these allow students to enter high school with up to four credits. DeRenne Middle School has a Medical and Allied Health Program. This introduces students to the growing area of healthcare professions. The program offers an advanced healthcare science curriculum, giving students the opportunity to see where their interest lies. There are on-site classes taught by physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, etc., with hands-on demonstrations and instruction.

In her presentation Ms. Mobley showed some of the distinctions recently earned at the school: Armstrong State University Math & Science Tournament, Georgia Southern Stem Festival, Honor Band Participation, Regional Science Fair, and more. Students from the school work at local institutions such as the Second Harvest, Breast Cancer Awareness, Georgia Historical Society, and Drug Free Youth. DeRenne Middle School works with J.C. Lewis Healthcare, Memorial Health, Savannah Hospice, and the Universities: South, Armstrong, Savannah State, and Georgia Southern.

The Skidaway Island Rotary Club has maintained a “partnership” to support the education programs of the DeRenne Middle School for a decade. It has offered, each year, a “Teacher of the Year Award” which honors, with a cash donation, the teacher of honor and the three runners-up. The Club sponsors an essay contest, from which the student winners, male and female, are taken to the airport, to the company that trains all the Gulfstream pilots, where they are introduced to the flight training simulators and shown how to fly an aircraft. The Club holds one of its breakfast meetings at the school every year where members are entertained by the school band and hear the students read their winning essays. The Club conducts the Junior Achievement course every year and holds a “Career Day,” where men and women members, and visiting representatives of local professions and businesses, show and tell the students about the many careers they could pursue. The aim of the Club, as for the teaching staff, is to give the students a picture of the world outside and to expand their ideas of what they might aspire to as they go through their school years.
Below are pictured Phil Turek and Carol Mobley.