On Wednesday morning members of the Skidaway Island Rotary Club went to DeRenne Middle School. The occasion was a celebration of the winning students whose essays were deemed the best among many. The theme for these essays was, “Service Above Self,” which is the theme of service for all Rotarians. Students composed essays telling of the special meaning of the phrase in their personal lives.
DeRenne Middle School principal Carol Mobley welcomed us to the school and the school band played music as a part of the welcome and as a part of the program during breakfast. She thanked our club for its participation in the work of the school, our members who came to the breakfast, her staff, and the parents of the winning students, who also attended the gala affair. The students took the topic of the essays very seriously, she said, and were proud to present their work to us

The four winning students were, Kyree Jordan, James Washington, Jermine Myers and Jalayia Smith. Their essays told of community service, helping people, charitable works, kind behavior, and service in helping children and animals. The students felt that their conduct in pursuing “service above self” made them feel good and that their efforts towards such service helped to relieve stress. Each student read his/her essay to the audience.

Our president Tom Macek and member Tom Thomas thanked Ms. Mobley and staff for the breakfast, for the band, and for the student presentations to us.