Our speaker this week,  Paul Fisher- President Savannah Early Childhood Foundation and Tameka Tribble - Assistant Director Parent University ...
We welcomed Paul Fisher  President Savannah Early Childhood Foundation  and Tameka Tribble Assistant Director Parent University  to our meeting last Wednesday morning Jan 15th, 2020.   Both are currently active in, and strong advocates for, early childhood learning and supporting parents of children who need an early introduction to school. A decade long investigation, both national and local, into the root causes of extreme poverty and crime indicates that poor educational achievement is fundamental to some of society’s ills. A poor beginning for children has a profoundly negative effect on their early life and educational experience, and sabotages their educational experience in its entirety.

The underlying cause of this poor educational beginning is the erosion of parenting skills, primarily in low-income communities. Paul and Tameka told us about the work that is being done locally to boost early education experience for children and to support parents who need assistance in readying their children for school. Parent University is thriving in Savannah and Chatham County and for the past decade has offered classes for parents in getting their children ready for education and for life in school. In the past year Parent University has held 46 separate educational forums in three basic program areas: Baby Shower which is an entryway to Parent University; early Learning College for parents of children aged birth to four; and Parent University for parents of kids of all ages. Parents attending Parent University select from topics such as, individual education plans for children of different ages, child safety, socialization, the importance of consistent attendance at school, vocabulary, tolerance of other children and a myriad of subjects that will aid the parents in getting their children ready for their first steps – into kindergarten. Research has shown that there is a world of difference between a child who has pre-k experience and one who has not.

The former child is less likely to cry, is willing to share, is accustomed to multiple simultaneous stimuli, and can remain self-possessed in complex situations. Paul Fisher is a retired chemical engineer, a long-time employee of Dow Chemical Company, who has been active in early education and youth projects for many years. Tameka Tribble has a Master’s degree in Special Education and has spent her whole career in the public schools and in community volunteerism on behalf of children.

About Parent University: Founded in 1999, Parent University is a 501c3 community collaborative that supports Savannah area families. This initiative promotes life-long learning and community building, encouraging parent involvement and participation in the education of our community’s children and youth. In our advanced society, each of us needs to keep abreast of new and innovative ways of teaching and learning. Parent University has provided a way. Learn more: www.parentuniversitysav.org