Posted by Doreen Higgins on Jul 23, 2018
Nipuna is a university student who came to Savannah in 2015, sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Georgia. He talked to us this week about the business he is in the process of establishing. Nipuna was born and raised in Sri Lanka and was close to Rotary members and Rotary business in Sri Lanka for much of his young life. He is currently pursuing a business degree at Georgia Southern (Armstrong campus) and planning the future of his new business. The theme of his business is the importance of volunteerism in the world.
“There’s a volunteer in everyone,” says Nipuna, and he is planning a business whose function is to connect volunteers with businesses or situations or places where they are needed. “Volunteerism isn’t just an act of kindness,” Nipuna says, “It’s an investment in the society we inhabit.” When people want to volunteer, they face a number of obstacles, including the commitment of their time and finding a situation where they can be of assistance. The system devised by Nipuna will be handled by an organization, “IVolunteer”, aiming to match would-be volunteers with situations where they are needed. At present, IVolunteer is in the planning stage. It is a “virtual” organization, all on-line, consisting of Nipuna and some colleagues, supported at present by donations from those who are interested in its progress.

When it is established, IVolunteer will be a US non-profit organization connecting volunteers around the world with organizations that need them. There will be no charge to the volunteers nor will there be fees charged to the organizations who are looking for them. IVolunteer will raise funds to support its activities from those entities who are interested in what it does. At present, Nipuna and his colleagues, in their introductory phase, are developing their on-line strategy and an app for the conduct of their business, all of which will be online and operational all over the world.

The Skidaway Island Rotary Club is very proud of Nipuna –as it is of all the students it has sponsored from many different countries over many years – and watches his progress in his new endeavor. Nipuna, in his turn, has expressed his appreciation to the Club for enabling his entry to the US, supporting his continuing education, and the opportunity afforded to him to pursue this idea for a new business.
Below is a photo of Napuna and Lynn Gensamer.