Joel Zuckerman, who is the author of seven books on golf, introduced his new book to the Skidaway Island Rotary Club members on Wednesday morning.  Joel told us that this is the first book written in celebration of the club professional, and features numerous Skidaway Island connections.
Joel started his presentation by naming some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing the game.  Mixing up the pros and cons, he spoke of frustration, love/hate, fresh air, optimism, ulcer inducing, integrity, wonderful people, warmth and charm, and the source of terrific business advice.  Members took the latter to be “tongue-in-cheek.”   The game requires a certain physicality, unfounded optimism, and demands a strict moral code of its players.  Joel paid tribute to some of the most famous golfers, including Bobby Jones, who lost the 1925 U.S. Open after calling a penalty on himself, Ben Hogan, who, after a terrible auto accident in 1949, then won the U.S. Open 3 more times, the Masters twice, the Colonial twice, and the British Open.   He mentioned Arnold Palmer, who had several heart-breaking losses in his career, Gary Player, who overcame a small physique with endless exercise, and the current No 1 women’s player in world, Stacy Lewis – who has achieved her amazing success despite severe scoliosis, a spinal fusion, and years of rehabilitation.
Joel told members that there has been a serious decline in golf’s numbers in recent years; 25-44 years olds are playing only half as much golf as the previous generation.  Joel felt it was time to write a book about the pros, and he attributed his inspiration to one of the Rotary members, Eddie Ambrose, to whom the book is dedicated.  It profiles thirty golf professionals, including the Landings own Golf Pro Nicole Weller, and is, Joel told us, “unlike any golf book ever written.”