Posted by Doreen Higgins on Mar 09, 2018
On Wednesday Steve Stirling, President and CEO of MAP International, told us how his company supplies medicines and health supplies wherever they are needed all over the world.  Steve was born in Korea and is a victim of polio.  He was abandoned as a child and was adopted from an orphanage by a family, of which he showed us pictures.  He came to the US at the age of eleven, pursued an education and finished with a BS in Agriculture from Cornell and an MBA from Northwestern University.
MAP, he said, is an international Christian organization providing life-changing medicines and health needs.  Its mission is to supply those in need anywhere in the world, and he gave some dismaying statistics about that world: Two billion people in need with no access to meds; 702 million living on less than $1.90 per day; 5.9 million children dying from preventable diseases.  How does MAP perform its mission?  It is centered on the port of Brunswick in the State of Georgia and sends supplies anywhere they are needed; some 14 million people are reached each year.  Recently its efforts have been directed to refugees in Syria, victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the Mexican earthquake.  We saw a world map showing help from MAP in 2017 reaching every continent and countries from Mexico eastwards to Australia. The medicines and supplies distributed by MAP come from pharmaceutical companies as donations, and a list of these benefactors included many names familiar to us: Allergan, Johnson& Johnson, Abbvie, Valiant, and more. MAP also has many mission partners aiding in distribution or helping with funding including UNICEF, Hope for Haiti, Christian Relief Services, Convoy of Hope, and more.
Steve offered heartfelt thanks to Rotary.  District 6900 provided one shipping container (yes, one of those huge ones) with essential meds and supplies to Nepal after its recent earthquake. He also offered thanks for volunteers who help stack & pack those 20’x40’ containers at the Brunswick distribution center; the need never ends.  We thanked him for talking to us and making us aware of the work done by his company.  More information about MAP is available from 
Below is a photo of President Toni, Steve Stirling and his wife.