Posted by Doreen Higgins on Sep 06, 2017
Five of our members were welcomed to a lunchtime program meeting at this club last week. Police Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin was the speaker. We were happy to meet and talk to members of this club, and listen to Chief Lumpkin’s assessment of the current state of affairs in our city.
The Chief showed us year-to-date crime statistics, and hailed some progress in reducing the numbers of the most serious offenses: killings, assaults, robberies and burglaries. He told us of the key statistical factors in crime, namely, population density, social stability, and family situation/youth. He told us that where there are dysfunctional family situations, single parents, unwanted or abused children, absent fathers, poor educational outcomes, there will be continuing crime.

Chief Lumpkin spoke about the ‘demerger’ of the Savannah and Chatham County forces, due to be completed by 2/1/18, and assured us that our safety will not be compromised, that cooperation and back-up will mean that police officers in either jurisdiction will continue to rely on each other just as they do now.

After the meeting, the five of us met with the officers of the Metro Club to discuss matters of mutual interest and the possibilities of cooperative programs.