Posted by Doreen Higgins on Jun 23, 2019

Susan Kleine told us about our new student who will arrive at the beginning of August. She is Ariela Samour, and she will be among about 50 such students who come to Georgia each year to attend its universities. These students are selected by Rotary Clubs around the world. They must be academically qualified, speak fluent English, able to afford the air fare and the cost of medical insurance.


The Rotary Clubs of Georgia pay the students’ academic fees and dorm fees for one year. The students stay with host families when not in the dorm. The members of our club have met many of them over the years, have hosted them, taken them on trips, shared family gatherings and celebrated holidays, and have thoroughly enjoyed their company. The students, for their part, appreciate a unique opportunity to see and learn about the United States, an opportunity which, many of them have told us, has changed their lives.
Susan said Ariela is interested in business administration and hopes to be able to form her own company. She is a member of Interact and the Key Club and her hobbies are photography and art; she has also started a camp for young children where she teaches arts and crafts. We look forward to meeting her in August and learning about herself and about Brazil.