Kathie Anderson introduced Pat Helbig, Director of Outplacement at the Savannah College of Art & Design, on Wednesday morning. Pat is a retired executive of the American Express and the McKinsey Companies and has a bachelor's degree from NYU and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Pat gave us a brief account of the requirements, degrees available, and employment opportunities for students at SCAD.

SCAD doesn't do "placement," Pat told us, but the College coaches graduate and senior students so that they may present themselves in the best possible light as they search for employment.  This help would seem to be most efficacious, since 80% have jobs six months after graduating.  The average salary for Pixar for a new hire as an intern is $60-$70,000 a year.  For incoming students, the criteria for admission seek portfolios or other evidence of skills with lesser emphasis on SAT scores.

The school offers over 30 degrees in different subjects and now has five locations:  Savannah, Atlanta, Hong Kong, England, and the south of France.  There are 9,000 students in Savannah and 2500 in Atlanta.  The Hong Kong campus opened a year ago; the Pacific Rim area is likely to expand further.  Pat told us we are most welcome to visit the school, and urged us to come to see the newly opened equestrian center, of which the elegance is only exceeded by the horses themselves.