We are privileged to have welcomed Ron May to our meeting on Wednesday.  Ron has been the Chairman of District 6920 Rotary Foundation for the past three years and has been a Rotarian for 30 years. He is a native of Sandersville, GA., a graduate of Georgia Tech., and has spent his professional career in the building industry, in Savings & Loan work, and in the banking business.


Ron thanked us for inviting him to speak, and for the hospitality of Rotary members.  Ron asked the question, "Are you really a Rotarian?" and went on to describe the idea of "Rotary moments," of the experience of something that "makes the light bulb go on," which is the point when you know that you have experienced a life confirming event.

Ron described in detail a "Rotary moment" of his own, which caused him to understand that all human beings 'wear clothes, eat and drink' and all have reason to be respected.  Ron went on to describe other incidents that could constitute such important revelations, including Rotary help for Pakistanis after the earthquake, talking to the President of Pakistan about Polio Plus, a display of shelter boxes at a meeting in Dublin, Rotary in Myanmar after a cyclone hit the country, help for Bolivia in engineering for a water supply in remote places..........Ron told us that this is what Rotary is all about. Ron mentioned with pride the confidence of the Gates Foundation in the help Polio Plus receives from Rotary.

Every day, Ron said, we should think about our lives and ask, "Have we made a difference?"  He went on to ask us to consider donations to Rotary, including our estates, and asked us to talk to our friends about Rotary and its activities to make others aware of what we do. Shown below (L-R) Phil Turek and Ron May.