Posted by Doreen Higgins on Oct 23, 2017
Saving Lives in Chatham County (SLICC) is a registered charity based in Savannah and staffed by volunteers. Bob Trencamp, its organizer and advocate of many years, spoke feelingly to us about the potential for saving lives through the knowledge, and practice of CPR and the use of the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED). Bob’s organization conducts research, targets organizations, and offers instruction in order to spread his message. The message, basically, is that one’s chances of surviving a heart attack without very prompt and competent help are poor.
One in ten of us will suffer cardiac arrest in our lifetime. If we then have to wait for an ambulance, our chances of survival are 10%. Defibrillation within ten minutes raises our chances to 60%. There are very few households where both members are trained to perform CPR and fewer that have an AED available. This device is lightweight, portable and easy to use and the objective of SLICC is to spread its use and availability. It checks the heart rhythm and can send an electronic shock to restore normal heartbeat.

SLICC conducts free classes in the use of CPR and the AED. Classes must be of 8 or more people and can be conducted in your home or at the SSFD HQ on McWhorter Drive just outside the Landings. The organization’s objectives are to expand awareness of the dangers of cardiac arrest and its likely consequences, particularly among younger people, and to spread the knowledge of what to do in such an emergency. It offers the AED at a reduced price and is considering a “rent to own” deal. Interested in Bob’s message? Get more details at