Posted by Doreen Higgins on Jun 17, 2019
Kim Tanner, Senior Director of Development and Engagement, United Way of the Coastal Empire, talked to us on Wednesday morning. Kim is a graduate of Leadership Savannah and holds an international certificate in volunteer administration. She gave us a very detailed and impressive account of all the activities of the United Way in Savannah and its surrounding communities.
United Way operates on two levels: it offers direct assistance and supportive services to those in need, and it helps, supports, and monitors charitable organizations that work to assist our local citizenry.
For its direct services, United Way helps people find local resources, offers direct financial assistance for: transportation, food, utilities, housing, hurricane relief, and to persons with disabilities. Its indirect services are in support of those charitable entities that exist to offer help in our communities. Its activities helping the latter include vetting organizations who operate locally, training the volunteers who work for them, and offering financial and professional assistance and advice to their staffs.

Kim listed for us the specific interests and goals of United Way in our area. They are:
  • The success of children and youth in schools
  • Help for parents when children are in trouble
  • Health and safety for adults, children and families
  • Living independence and quality of life for seniors
In concluding her presentation, Kim gave us details of United Way’s funded agencies and the monies devoted to the pursuit of the goals listed above.  She thanked us for our support of United Way and for the volunteers among us who help them fulfill their mission.
Below is a photo of President Andy, Kim Tanner and Chuck Koepke.