We welcomed Tammy Mixon-Calderon on Wednesday morning and listened to an impassioned description of the activities and programs run by this Agency for children and families. Tammy joined the staff of the Agency in 1996 and became its Executive Director in 1998. Prior to her work at the Wesley Community Center Tammy served as the Program Coordinator for the Homeless Outreach Services at Tidelands Community Service Board and as an Epidemiologist/Disease Intervention Specialist with the Centers for Disease Control in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Tammy has direct and administrative experience working with the homeless and people living with HIV/AIDS.
Tammy spoke with feeling and compassion for the many families, women and children she sees daily in the course of her work at the Wesley Community Center. She told us in detail of the services offered, the depth and variety both of the services and the needs of the women and children who seek out and benefit from the Center’s policies and activities.”

The Wesley Community Centers of Savannah was founded in 1948 by a Ms. Gertrude Green, the first African-American Social Worker for the Department of Family and Children Services in the Savannah area. Originally known as the Bethlehem Community Center, it started out with 25 children in borrowed accommodation in Savannah. In 1972 it merged with the Inner City Community Center to become the Wesley Community Center and is one of 100 National United Methodist Institutions. It has been in business for 47 years. So what did Tammy tell us about its activities?

She told us about its mission, its programs, and thanked those who helped, and still help, along the way. The mission is “to promote the economic, educational, and the spiritual growth of women, children, and families.” The programs offered include the Early Childhood Education Center and the Lady Bamford Center, providing family advocacy, emergency assistance, financial management classes, and case management. Many of these services provide critical interventions for the homeless and low income families. The Center offers Spring and Summer camps and a Family Life Center which has adult education classes and crisis intervention capability. Thanking some of the many who had given time, money and services to the Center, Tammy offered special mention of the Nepsey-Warren United Methodist women, the Prince Hall masons, Ms. Tonya Davis of the Savannah Smiles Dentist Clinic, Savannah Country Day student volunteers, and last but perhaps not least, the Skidaway Island Rotary Club. Our Rotary Club has recently helped restore some of the raised garden plots, and repaired irrigation, at the Center so that the children could grow vegetables for their own meals. We ardently support the work of the Wesley Community Centers and wish Tammy and her staff the best in their on-going work.